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DonnaJobs’ DJTrusted Member Policy ensures a safe marketplace for all users that confirm their identity through documentation collection. This helps to prevent fraud, money laundering, and the financing of terrorism.

DonnaJobs believes that this is a requirement that ensures a safer and secure online marketplace for all DonnaJobs’ users.

In addition, several of our service providers, such as our payment gateway providers require us to perform certain checks on customer identity.

You can become DonnaJobs' DJTrusted Member by connecting your DonnaJobs Account to Connected Custom Stripe Account.

What if the details on your account do not match the name on your ID or documentation?

The details registered on your DonnaJobs account must match the name on your documentation. Before connecting your DonnaJobs Account to Stripe Account you need to verify and confirm your details, later you can start the Connect With Stripe Procedure.

What happens if I'm not able to pass DJTrusted Member?

If you are unable to become DonnaJobs’ DJTrusted Member, DonnaJobs may place an account limitation or suspend your account as a security measure.

Falsifying your identity is a crime. DonnaJobs may report users that provide false documentation.


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