How DonnaJobs Works

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Register your account for FREE NOW! Only Register User can buy&sell on DonnaJobs.

Once you are a registered member you can set-up your details in order to find the best-talented freelancers (DJFree). 

DonnaJobs’ DJTrusted Member Policy ensures a safe marketplace for all users by confirming their identity through documentation collection. This helps to prevent fraud, money laundering, and the financing of terrorism.

DonnaJobs believes that this is a requirement that ensures a safer and secure online marketplace for all DonnaJobs’ users.

Once you become a DJTrusted Member follow these simple steps.

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Now you can post almost any kind of DJProject unless it is illegal or offensive. For more details see DonnaJobs Job Delivery Policy

Keep it simple, explain and write clearly all your needs and requirements.

If you are not sure you can browse DJService section and look what DonnaJobs' Community Freelancer offers.


Receive in minute tons of DJBids! You simply choose the proposal that best suits your needs and hire the freelancer.


Deposit the amount you have agreed in your DJPot and star to interact with her in the DJProgress Area: you can chat with her and exchange files, video, and all the necessary files she needs to work on your DJProject.

DonnaJobs will protect you and will keep your DJPot safe, you will pay only when you will be 100 satisfied!


Once the DJProject is finished and delivered, the DJFree will send you the invoice and you can Release the Payment to her.  


Now you are asked to Rate the DJFree and her work. This is a very important step for you and for the other users of the DonnaJobs’ platform, so think about it carefully and be honest, be truthful, be concise.

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