How to manage DJBuyer Account

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Do not include your full name, or contact details, or your business card, your contact, your bank account or any other information that can break DonnaJobs Terms&Conditions and DJProfile Guidelines in your DJProfile Description (About me), DJProfile Picture,  Portfolio items or any other public section of your  DJProfile.

This rule is first and foremost to protect you; we would discourage you from publishing your contact details visible on any public section of DonnaJobs site.


In your Dashboard click on DJProfile >> Edit DJProfile

You can update any information of this section and change your data if they are incorrect.

Once you are completed the DJTrusted Member procedure and you have passed it, you can update your DJProfile sending a request to the DJAdmin Team.


In your Dashboard click on DJProfile >> Edit DJProfile Picture

Here you can:

  • Upload a new Picture.
  • Crop and Save it.
  • Remove it.

Every DonnaJobs Users are real people so we ask you to use your real picture.


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