How to choose the right DJBid

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Choosing the right DJBid and DJFree involves considerations on several factors.

First of all be sure that the DJFree is a DJTrusted Member! Once you have ascertained this data, then you can consider the other factors.

DJProject Budget

DonnaJobs suggests you to getting in touch with the DJFree(s) that are bidding on your DJProject asking them why they priced their bids as such.

DJFree(s) who are experts in their fields will usually price themselves higher than others.

If quality is what you are looking for, always ask details on requirements and payments to get the most out of your money's worth. 

DJProject Timeline

If the deadline is non-negotiable, you can not consider DJBid(s) that fall outside that range.

DJFree may still indicate a longer time frame, especially if your deadline is too short for the work that the DJProject requires.

Take a look at DJFree(s)’ DJProfile 

Go to see their DJProfile, read how they describe themselves and take a look at their Portfolio to see what they have done.

Closely consider their skills.

Take a look and read carefully their rating and comments. The number of received reviews does not necessarily correspond to higher skills mastery and better output quality because some new DJFree(s) with no reviews may actually be experts in their fields.

Quality of the DJBid

DJFree(s) who try to suit their DJBid to address your DJProject’s requirement show dedicated interest in getting the job. 

If in your DJProject description you will ask for specific information to be reported in the DJBid, you can easily determine if a DJFree took the necessary time to read it carefully.

If what you ask is not included in their offer then you can easily reject that proposal.

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