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The world as we have created it is a process of our way of thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing the way we think

​Albert Einstein 

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​Welcome to DonnaJobs Community
​​A digital ecosystem dedicated to Women

​Together, we create a stimulating environment for 
the launch, development, and empowerment of businesses, 
promoting the success and growth of every member of our extraordinary community

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​Siamo una comunità digitale di donne dedicata alle donne che vogliono fare rete, crescere professionalmente e personalmente.

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​Your Network for Women's Success!

What DJConnect are

​​You can bring life to, expand, and empower your business by participating to the DJConnect: our Business Networking events

​​DonnaJobs' networking events aim to create connections and professional relationships among women professionals from various fields

​​They are organized to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences, knowledge, and job opportunities among participants

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What DJMarketplace is

​The Marketplace created by DonnaJobs is a practical working tool dedicated to freelancers; it is an e-commerce platform

In our Marketplace, every woman showcases her talents by offering unique services, courses, and programs that contribute to building a robust network of dynamic and innovative professionals

​Our Marketplace is a dynamic environment that provides freelancers with the ideal platform to showcase their expertise, expand their clientele, and collaborate with other innovative women

​​​Maximize the potential of our Marketplace and join a community of freelancers who share your determination.

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