This is your year
This is your year
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Best wishes! Happy New Year!

Of course we haven’t made a mistake, we know it is September not 1st January...

So why are we wishing you a Happy new year then?

Because for us, like for schools, the new year begins in ... September.

After the summer break, we get back to work and we start with new work projects and ideas.

Moreover given the current health emergency, the times we are living through lend themselves to deep and careful reflections on the changes underway, above all work-related ones. Lots of people have lost their jobs and now more than ever they need to reinvent themselves professionally. And even more people have long hidden dreams on the backburner that they finally want to fulfill...

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This is the right time to do that. Now is the perfect time to reorganise your thoughts and understand which direction you want to let your proactive energies flow in.

We need thoughtfulness, decisiveness, constancy and also just a touch of craziness!

Because, yes, in order to achieve great goals you have to be a little crazy, that healthy madness that gives us wings, makes us overcome our fears and allows us to go far.

And that means it is certainly the right time to sign-up to the platform.

Why? Because it is an excellent opportunity for women to better showcase their skills and give themselves greater visibility. For a buyer, the platform is useful for getting projects off the ground, a place to find so many professional women who can make that happen and put forward new and creative ideas. is really easy to use and, above all, it is safe because we protect transactions between DJFREE and DJBUYER. That makes DonnaJobs a fascinating tool to bring those unfulfilled dreams to life.

We are sure of it, this is your year!

The DonnaJobs team wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR… and may it be a GREAT one !!!

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