Carry out your projects now
Carry out your projects now
Arianna Maccaferri

We often have ideas that we want to bring to fruition but do not know how to go about it, be they work ideas, personal projects, hobbies or a passion. is such an interesting website because it can help you carry these ideas forward, from asking for quotes to using the various services that freelancers offer. Ever more people are using the DonnaJobs platform to help make their dreams come true.

Here are some interesting examples.

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Marco wanted to give his girlfriend a present and was looking for something unique and special. She really likes jewellery and especially loves pendants, so Marco wanted to surprise her a very special and personalized piece. Through the DonnaJobs platform he managed to hire one of our professionals who was specialised in the creation of hand-designed and hand-made jewellery. They agreed on a price and the timing and then on her birthday Marco's girlfriend, Federica, to her great joy and surprise received a pendant based on her favourite theme hidden within a beautiful bouquet of bright red roses.


A winery needed a refined and effective promotional campaign to launch its latest product on the market. They were looking for something elegant to combine with the richness of the terroir. Using they found the professional they were looking for. After sending the proposal to several Italian and British freelancers on the platform they chose the one that came closest to the original idea in terms of quality of service and budget. Within a few weeks the winery not only found what they were looking for but were also pleasantly surprised at how well its product was launched on the market immediately welcoming an attentive and tasteful audience.


What project are you thinking of bringing to fruition?

Registering on is free and you pay on completion of the project once you feel satisfied with the outcome of the work done. (Please read DonnaJobs Terms&Cond)

If you have any questions or require any additional information, our team is at your disposal and can help you find what you are looking for.

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