You can learn anything you want with our DJFREE
You can learn anything you want with our DJFREE
Arianna Maccaferri

The web is changing the way we #learn and undertake #professionaldevelopment

There is always a reason to learn something new. For, #studying purposes, when looking for a new #job, for our children, for fun.

On you can find professional #freelancers, both Italian and British women, called DJFREE, who provide #onlineclasses for various sectors and subjects.

Would you or your children like to learn a foreign language? Would you like to give your partner a thoughtful but useful gift? Do you want an employee to learn how to use social media more efficiently for work purposes? Would you like to learn how to sew, paint or cook?

Whatever it is that you want to learn, now you can!

Comfortably from your home, your office or whatever space you might choose, you can attend personalised classes that interest you.

You can choose a DJFREE that is able to supervise and personalise your classes and learning objectives. You can choose a native speaker for Foreign Language lessons or get in touch with an expert tutor/teacher In the subject or sector you are interested in.

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Accessing all these various options and opportunities is really easy:

Go to and sign up as a DJBUYER.

Make sure you fill in all your information correctly. Once you have signed up, you have countless DJFREE professionals at your disposal - whose previous feedback and previous work you can check on their profiles available on the platform and choose what you need most in terms of subject, sector, area of expertise and price.

If you cannot find what you are looking for immediately, with you can submit a tailored request by specifying all the relevant details, such as deadlines, type of service and costs. You can swiftly request and receive a variety of offers and choose the one that suits you best.

Once you have chosen the DJFREE who meets your requirements for the work you had in mind, you can commission her directly from the platform and deposit her payment in a money pot, which will only be released on completion of the job, once you have confirmed that you are satisfied.

On the DonnaJobs platform you will be able to communicate with the freelancer and send messages and videos.

For the management of all financial activities, DonnaJobs uses STRIPE, the best platform to manage online payments in complete safety. (read our Terms and conditions)

Don't put boundaries to your knowledge. Learn all that you wish to learn!

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Arianna Maccafferri

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