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DonnaJobs helps women starting or progressing in their careers independently, allowing them to have a better balance between work and family life.

On there is a space for buyers to find the most suitable freelancers, ready to carry out their work projects.

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6 simple ideas to contribute to the family budget

6 simple ideas to contribute to the family budget"I need money, now!", This is the most common phrase we keep saying. It's like a mantra that echoes in our mind without ever stopping and sometimes for us women to contribute to the family budget can be very difficult especially if we have small children to care for. We all know that the family comes first!

One great solution to this dilemma is DonnaJobs and the possibility that the platform gives to all of us women to work from home with flexible jobs.

If I am the owner of my work, if I am the owner of my time, then I can finally stop having to choose between family and career, I can have them both. Why should I choose?

At this point another question arises: "how do you undertake this activity?", but above all "what jobs can I do from home?"

In this article, I present a list of ideas that can be implemented using the DonnaJobs platform and creating your own DJService.





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What is DonnaJobs

DonnaJobs New ideaDonnaJobs is a tool designed for women who want to start a new job but for family, personal and objective reasons cannot work outside their home or worse, they have been excluded from the workforce.

DonnaJobs is a platform that allows women to start or resume their job in a different way; it takes place exclusively online and is a collaboration between female freelancer and customers. The women make their professional skills and talents available to individuals or companies.

In this way, the women manage their times and methods and the clients benefit from seriousness, competence and professionalism.

A new way of understanding work and giving the opportunity to so many women in difficulty to contribute to the economy without renouncing the family or the female dimension.