DonnaJobs Manifesto

​At DonnaJobs we propose
a dynamic way to embrace 
your uniqueness

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The DJManifesto

​​​DonnaJobs is an inclusive, dynamic, and respectful environment that promotes:

  • Networking;
  • Access to knowledge
  • Circular Economy.

​​​In DonnaJobs, each member becomes DJFree by actively participating in their own career path and synergistically supporting others.

​​​The vision is to generate business in order to create well-being for the members of DonnaJobs and to have capital to establish a charity supporting individuals forced to accept roles and/or jobs that are imposed and not chosen.

​​​What will be learned at DonnaJobs:

  • ​​to work digitally;
  • to learn through e-learning and blended learning;
  • to teach in e-learning and blended learning;
  • to share knowledge;
  • to support each other.

​​With DonnaJobs, individuals don't feel alone but enter a space where shared knowledge creates synergies for the common good.

​​​The person can express their essence and shine for their talents, embrace their needs as a woman, mother, wife, family member, and career professional at their own pace, rhythm, and requirements.

​​In DonnaJobs, people find or rediscover their place in society, no longer feeling inadequate but freely expressing their potential and feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

DonnaJobs initially targeted women, but today we want to give it a more inclusive character, involving individuals who identify with the feminine essence.

DonnaJobs takes the concept of fluidity to the next level.

With DonnaJobs, individuals find a tribe, a sense of belonging.

With DonnaJobs, people feel greater together than apart.

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